Cubicles in Oregon, Washington, Texas

As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of office cubicles, MARKITA was serving more states than ever. Our customers are selecting our products from all over the US. Many customers are located in Oregon, Washington, and Texas.

The products range from stand-alone L shape cubicle 5×5 x54″

5×5 Cubicle -54″ H- One Man Glazed L shape Workstation-E



, quad 5x5x51 4 man cubicles( quad)

6×6 Cubicles-54″H- 4 MAN (QUAD) L Shape Glazed Office Workstations-E

, 6 man cubicles ( packed).

6×6 Cubicles- 54″ H – 6 MAN (PACKED) L SHAPE Glazed Office Workstations-E

3 Man/ Person Telemarketing

4’x 2′- 54″H- 3 Man/Person – U Shape Workstation Fully Fabric Telemarketing Call Center-U

The products were delivered to every state and we had all customers satisfied with the delivery time, price, and quality. In many cases we had the same customers request additional units, and in many cases, we had new customers once they see the products, and they ask about the price.

As we stated in our promise to you


We are truly here to serve you with the best quality, price, delivery time. For any inquiries please don’t hesitate to contact us at 310.424.5065


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