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The word Tall Panels has different synonyms and meanings. Some people call the panels used in office cubicles as shutters, room dividers, separation panels, privacy screens, fabric panels, laminated panels. The names are all related to office cubicle panels that they come in different shapes and sizes. As we in MARKITA manufacture different heights and brand, we always keep in stock sizes as














Those panels come with all different options, such as full fabric, partially fabric, and partially glazed.

Our online store provides customers with all related information and accessories. so the customers can select the items they need, and the fixing accessories, and the system automatically calculated the total amount, the tax, the shipping. As support our customers can reach us in any means they wish through, phone 310.424.5065, the chatting through the site https://markita.us. text messages, or emails to sales@markita.us.

Some of our customers seek to use their current classic desk tables and use some of our panels and accessories to provide a more private and healthy environment. We at MARKITA love to serve our customers with the best quality, at affordable prices, with fast delivery. We always consider the CQT ( cost, time, Qaulity) and we make sure that the customers are fully satisfied.

In brief, whether you need a new cubicle, we are sure that you will find what you need in our standard product as they have vast shapes (2×5 5×5 6×6 5×6 quads mirror double packed or call center and telemarketing cubicles sizes), height, or you need to utilize your existing office desk tables, MARKITA can fulfill your need with excellent service and prices.

Call us at 310.42.5065 , we are here to serve you.




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