Office Cubicles & Covid-19

With the rising concern of the Covid-19 situation, some adjustment has to be made in the office. Nowadays,  workstations are like a requirement in any company. Offices are starting to run, and physical presence is now required. Physical distancing protocol must be taken seriously and obtained through office workstation and office cubicles. Workstation provides a […]

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The word Tall Panels has different synonyms and meanings. Some people call the panels used in office cubicles as shutters, room dividers, separation panels, privacy screens, fabric panels, laminated panels. The names are all related to office cubicle panels that they come in different shapes and sizes. As we in MARKITA manufacture different heights and […]

Covid-19 & Office Cubicles Sales

As Covid-19 surge, the business of office furniture is affected. As companies are reluctant to employ people and as the business is slowing down, a considerable decrease in the number of new setups is climbing. However, some types of office furniture such as self-distancing panels, tall panels, privacy panels, high panel cubicles such as 51 […]

Cubicles & Workstations

L Shape Cubicle

MARKITA is a specialized company in the line of Office space, where it has all solutions for cubicles and work places, installation of cubicle partitions for your office, where cubicles installation is so simple and does not need any experience, as we provide office call centers cubicles, desk systems, office cubicle panels which consist of […]

Glazed & Fully Fabric & Laminated Panel-Tall Panel-Social Distancing Panel-Privacy Screen-Divider

Glazed & Fully Fabric & Laminated Panel-Tall Panel-Social Distancing Panel-Privacy Screen-Divider As Covid-19 broke, social distancing became more needed. The open space and open desks era seems to fade away. As one of the leading manufacturers in the field of office furniture, MARKITA pre-designed wrapped panels with different heights and widths to fulfill the requirements […]

Call Center Cubicles/ Telemarketing Office Cubicles (Workstations)

Call Center Telemarketing Office Cubicles (Workstations) AS MARKITA IS one of the leading manufacturers of cubicles and workstations, many sizes and shapes with a very reliable quality and affordable prices are provided. such sizes are : -8 MAN/PERSON U SHAPE FULLY FABRIC CALL CENTER OFFICE CUBICLES 48″x 24″X 54″ -8 MAN/PERSON U SHAPE GLAZED CALL […]

Covid-19 and its affect on

    Covid-19 and its affect on Https:// As Covid-19 broke through in the world, different business sectors were and are affected. One of those affected sectors is the business furniture in general. In the past year, the open space office systems started to take over the cubicles, and the closed furniture. Nowadays, as self […]