Telemarketing Call Center Cubicles & Corona Virus

As one can expect that call centers are packed with representatives, the self-distancing becomes a necessity. We at MARKITA and through our newly developed products managed to provide the employees and the business owners with an extra tool to take the necessary precautions and make proper self-distancing. The office furniture for offices has always been a challenge on its own, not to mention the current COVID-19 situation. Our corporation considered many factors as price, quality, availability, and fast delivery. We have even gone and made cubicle sales. Where we are available to deliver the products wherever the customer is located as if we are cubicles near me.

Some of the products that might be of interest to those who work on the Call Center Telemarketing Centers are as per the following links:



6×6 Cubicles-66″H- One MAN/PERSON L Shape Fabric & Glass Office Workstations-E


6×6 Cubicles-63″ H-1 MAN/PERSON L SHAPE FABRIC & GLASS Office Workstations-E


5×5 Cubicles- 66″ H- One MAN/PERSON L Shape Fabric & Glass Office Workstations-E


6×6 Cubicles – 66″H -2 MAN/PERSON (MIRROR) L Shape Fabric & Glass Workstations -E


5×5 Cubicles- 66″ H- 2 MAN L Shape (MIRROR) Glazed Cubicles -E


6×6 Cubicles- 63″ H – 2 MAN/PERSON L SHAPE FABRIC & MIRROR Cubicle- E


5×5 Cubicle- 63″ H- 2 Person Workstation L SHAPE FABRIC & GLASS – E


6×6 QUAD Cubicles- 66″ H- 4 MAN/PERSON (QUAD) L Shape Fabric & Glass Workstations-E


Quality 5×5 Cubicles – 66″ H – 4 (QUAD) MAN /PERSON L Shape Fabric & Glass-E


6×6 Cubicles -66″H- 6 MAN/PERSON (PACKED) L Shape Fabric & Glass Cubicles-E


6×6 Cubicles- 54″ H – 6 MAN (PACKED) L SHAPE Glazed Office Workstations-E


Quality 6×6 Cubicles – 63″ H – 6 MAN (Packed) L Shape Fabric & Glass-E

5×5 Cubicles- 63″H- 6 MAN/PERSON (PACKED) L Shape Fabric & Glass Workstations-E

4×2 Cubicles-66″H-8 MAN/PERSON Fabric U Shape Call Center Glass Workstations-U

4×2 Eight Man Cubicles- 63″ H – 8 MAN Call Center U Shape Fabric & Glass-E



The different designs and heights available can suit all tastes and needs. At the same time, all of those models could be amended if needed and lowered by 12 inches, as the customer can remove the top part glass, and enjoy a lower panel if he deems.

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